Cultural Groups

The Cultural Landscape of the United States of America...

is incredibly diverse. People groups from every nation around the world populate our cities and towns. Many are first generation. Others are second and third generation, who now speak English and are becoming assimilated into a more dominant culture.

From its inception, Converge has been an immigrant people with a big heart for the multi-cultural peoples who live in our nation. This early movement has helped pioneer a strong and passionate movement to continue to reach the diverse people and cultural groups living in the U.S. Converge (district name) is reaching out and folding into our family many cultural groups from across our region. We want to see this focus continue and grow. This will remain a strong focus in our church planting efforts. It will remain a strong emphasis in our leadership development emphasis. It will also help to shape our global mission efforts as we seek to reach people groups for Jesus, around our world.

Specific cultural groups that are currently a part of the Converge Southwest movement in addition to Anglo and intentional international communities include Filipino, Japanese, Latino, African Descent and Vietnamese.




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