ReTool Kit

New Life and Life Cycles

Every healthy church is birthed with a new vitality and fresh vision. As churches grow and mature they often see significant numbers of people expressing faith in Jesus Christ, and experience meaningful life changes in the lives of those who belong.

Over time, perhaps decades, things begin to change.  Imperceptibly at first, but eventually, the growth they enjoyed wanes, both in the lives of people and in their attendances.  Growth and maturity has subtly been exchanged with an atmosphere of maintenance, where more and more energy and resources are expended at keeping things up, and excitement is replaced by consistency.  Mobilization strategies reignite churches with transforming passion and power.

Renewing Life and ReTooling Vision

Sliding into maintenance, decline and eventual death is avoidable.  Renewing or “retooling” for new growth and fruit-bearing can happen when a church and its leadership humbly and prayerfully commit themselves to it.  The ReTool Kit is a solid, biblical process designed to help a church through the steps of renewal.  It is not a one-size-fits-all church growth program.  Instead, it is a two-year, guided pathway to becoming a healthier church as leaders discover how Christ wants their church to uniquely follow Him more closely.



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