LEAD Teams

LEAD Teams = Essential.

No one should have to plant a church alone! The challenges, the struggles, the ups and downs, the need for input and feedback, and the joys, all make networking with others that are doing similar ministry vital and necessary.

One of the systems that has contributed to the success of Converge's church planting movement is the networking system. Every church planter is connected up with other planters through LEAD Teams.  LEAD is an acronym:  Learn from one another. Encourage/Experience a greater camaraderie. Achieve Kingdom impact through mutual efforts and to prayerfully. Dream collaboratively as the Bride of Christ.

Converge connects church planter spouses together in ongoing sharing and learning environments through GraceNet, which has proven to be a huge resource for spouses engaged in front line ministry.

A few benefits of being committed to a LEAD Team are:

  • building meaningful relationships
  • focusingon spiritual growth
  • working together to see mission accomplished through multiplying (planting) new churches

Additionally, participating churches help to reduce the risks for qualified church planters by pooling spiritual, financial, and people resources.  

Specific LEAD Teams available for Converge Southwest Pastors are:

Group Name Coach Email Mobile Phone
LA North Tony Amatangelo pastortony@lscc.us 805.523.0050
San Diego In Transition janie@convergesw.org 858.722.4342
Vietnamese Phuoc Le hoangvinhlee@gmail.com 619.494.7919
Vision Arizona Randy Deal randy@visionarizona.com 480.580.7443
Vision Texas Brad Wilkerson bwilkerson1288@gmail.com 469.500.6138
Vision Yuma Jason Taylor pastor@theverticalchurch.com 928.581.0965


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